New Year's Sale at Teufel

Submitted by el on Thu, 12/29/2011

No matter how your year has been, the year 2011 isn't over, yet. Teufel reduces many products, so that 2011 will have a happy end for you. The reduced products can be found here.

Save big on holiday deals

Submitted by el on Wed, 12/07/2011

Have you not bought all gifts for your family and friends, yet? Teufel has the solution for you: Teufel set great new systems to their sale page. Take a look and see which soundtastic system you want. You can save up to GBP 150.- and more!

There also is an Advent Calendar Raffle now for the year. You have the chance to win a new product every day! Just visit the Calendar and click on the next door for your chance to win the great systems.

Three for three

Submitted by el on Sun, 12/04/2011

Teufel is three for three. They selected three great system for you to help our listening. If there is rain you will need something that makes you happy again so Teufel decided to help you at buying a new sound system so you can have fun at home with great sound! You can choose between PC sound, home cinema sound and just plain amazing music sound.

Teufel Aureol Melody In-Ear-Headphones Test

Submitted by el on Sun, 11/27/2011

There are thousands of In-Ear-Headphones. There are some in any color, there are some with good or with bad sound, there are some comfortable and some uncomfortable ones. Well, the producer Teufel launched new In-Ear-Headphones some weeks ago.

Reduced Blu-Ray products by Teufel

Submitted by el on Mon, 11/07/2011

The future of CDs and DVDs is Blu-Ray, but to play a Blu-Ray you need a Blu-Ray player. Teufel reduced its four Blu-ray Systems so you can save up to £ 200.

The four Blu-Ray systems are listed below:


The Teufel Impaq 300 Blu-Ray 2.1 System that offers complete 2.1 home cinema sound with two micro speakers in virtual surround is reduced by £ 150 to £ 349.

The Teufel Impaq 310 Blu-Ray 2.1 System, that offers about the same but with better speakers, is reduced by £ 50 to £ 449.

The best German Speaker Sets – Pounds off

Submitted by el on Thu, 11/03/2011

Teufel reduced three speakers so you can save up to £80 at the T 500, T 400 or T 300. The T range of HiFi speakers highlight the best German sound engineering so you can be sure that you have a great product with one of them, Teufel says.

Free Shipping for new Teufel systems

Submitted by el on Sat, 10/22/2011

If you're considering a new sound system for your home this fall season you are very lucky:
Teufel recently released a few new systems with PC, Home Cinema, Stereo or even iPod or iPhone compatibility. If you buy one of those new products in the next days, the shipping will be free! Of course it's limited until the new Teufel loudspeaker systems run out of stock.

Teufel's Spring Time Promotion

Submitted by pl on Wed, 03/30/2011

To celebrate that the summer will come soon Teufel has a new promotion. You can save up to 30% at chosen articles. Don't wait too long with ordering your new Teufel sound system or the best articles will be sold, says Teufel. This is your chance to get a nice and maybe some more valueable loudspeaker system.

Following some of the reduced articles:

Teufel Greek Weeks

Submitted by pl on Mon, 03/21/2011

At Teufel there are now Greek Weeks and they celebrate all things that look like columns by offering a 10% off their home cinema speakers. That are tall, majestic pieces of audio equipment that will grace any home. But you have to hurry because the discount ends on 23rd March, 2011. Per example you can take a look at the Columa 300 home cinema set. The column speakers boast a 180 watt RMS subwoofer with a 260mm bass driver. Its Price is now £440,10, what means that you save £48,90.

Teufel's Facebook page competition

Submitted by el on Thu, 03/10/2011

Teufel has organized a competition to celebrate their new Facebook page. If you click on the „Like-Button“ you have the chance to win a new Teufel Impaq 40 Mini HiFi stereo system. It has a 80 watt AM/FM Receiver with remote control, an integrated CD player, 6 inputs including USB for MP3 files and 2 powerful two-way shelf speakers with an elegant glossy finish.

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