Save big on holiday deals

Submitted by el on Wed, 12/07/2011

Have you not bought all gifts for your family and friends, yet? Teufel has the solution for you: Teufel set great new systems to their sale page. Take a look and see which soundtastic system you want. You can save up to GBP 150.- and more!

There also is an Advent Calendar Raffle now for the year. You have the chance to win a new product every day! Just visit the Calendar and click on the next door for your chance to win the great systems.

Teufel products starting at £ 10,-

Submitted by el on Sun, 11/28/2010

There is a christmas event at Teufel, so that many products are reduced. For example you can buy the headphones "Aureol Groove", which are in-ear headphones with super bass for £ 59 or the "iTeufel Dock v2", which is a device holding hub for awesome iPod playback, for £ 39. The Teufel "Concept E 100 Control", which is a 5.1 PC loudspeakers surround set for Teufel beginners and includes a free cable set, is reduced from £ 258 to £ 219!

Teufel Motiv 3 Test

Submitted by pl on Tue, 09/07/2010

The manufacturer of the Motiv 3 writes about their sound system that they always get the same reaction: “this speaker system draws a sympathetic smile from everyone who sees it. Because the main components of this set are five unusual little satellite speakers in a spherical shape, supported by an alluring little subwoofer.” But the sound should be still absolutely serious, says Teufel.

Teufel Concept C 200 USB Test

Submitted by pl on Mon, 09/06/2010

Concept C 200 USB is the name of another stereo system out of the new Teufel multimedia speaker series. In the past we’ve already reviewed about the Concept C 100, which is the cheapest model out of the new series. The Concept C 200 USB is one level above the C 100 with a few useful advantages. The CE 20 Satellite Speakers have a 3” mid woofer plus a ¾ tweeter, compared to a 3” full range satellite of the CE 10 Satellite Speakers that the C 100 has.

Teufel Concept E 400 Test

Submitted by pl on Sun, 08/29/2010

In June 2009 Teufel announced two new model ranges of speakers for both PC’s and Mac’s: the Concept C and the Concept E series. A total of six speaker-sets came along with a new „Decoderstation 5“. The new series is not only stylish but also offers great value for money. With the new Concept C and Concept E series you are able to choose the size and the style you like, so that your new speakers fit best for your need, taste or preference. In this article we have reviewed the top model Teufel Concept E 400 5.1 sound system, to find out, what you can expect from that high-end speakers.

Teufel introduces the new Ultima 60 speakers

Submitted by pl on Fri, 07/31/2009

Berlin, Germany 31st July, 2009: Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems has announced the exciting launch of the Ultima 60 Stereo speakers. The Ultima 60 floor standing speakers are 160 watts of pure power, offering top quality sound at an exceptional price. Whether replacing the poor-quality boxes of an out of the box new set or purchasing a quality speaker set from the very outset – the Ultima 60 is the right choice.

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