Three for three

Submitted by el on Sun, 12/04/2011

Teufel is three for three. They selected three great system for you to help our listening. If there is rain you will need something that makes you happy again so Teufel decided to help you at buying a new sound system so you can have fun at home with great sound! You can choose between PC sound, home cinema sound and just plain amazing music sound.

Reduced Blu-Ray products by Teufel

Submitted by el on Mon, 11/07/2011

The future of CDs and DVDs is Blu-Ray, but to play a Blu-Ray you need a Blu-Ray player. Teufel reduced its four Blu-ray Systems so you can save up to £ 200.

The four Blu-Ray systems are listed below:


The Teufel Impaq 300 Blu-Ray 2.1 System that offers complete 2.1 home cinema sound with two micro speakers in virtual surround is reduced by £ 150 to £ 349.

The Teufel Impaq 310 Blu-Ray 2.1 System, that offers about the same but with better speakers, is reduced by £ 50 to £ 449.

The best German Speaker Sets – Pounds off

Submitted by el on Thu, 11/03/2011

Teufel reduced three speakers so you can save up to £80 at the T 500, T 400 or T 300. The T range of HiFi speakers highlight the best German sound engineering so you can be sure that you have a great product with one of them, Teufel says.

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