The best German Speaker Sets – Pounds off

Submitted by el on Thu, 11/03/2011

Teufel reduced three speakers so you can save up to £80 at the T 500, T 400 or T 300. The T range of HiFi speakers highlight the best German sound engineering so you can be sure that you have a great product with one of them, Teufel says.

Teufel Impaq 40 Test

Submitted by pl on Mon, 08/30/2010

Impaq 40 is the name of the first compact HI-FI system presented by Teufel. The concentrated radio amplifier unit with integrated CD player and USB connectivity surrounded by two 15 pound speakers with the dimension of 32 x 27 x 20 cm is designed for ambitious users. The respectable appearance shows you at first view, what you can expect from the system. The amplifier is boosting the speakers with 2x 25 watt with best audio performance.

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