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Creative's Deal of the Week is back!

Submitted by el on Mon, 12/19/2011

There is a deal of the week again at Creative. This week you can purchase two Aurvana Live! Headphones with superb audio performance. If you buy the Twin Pack of those great headphones you will save 44% (£ 70). The headphones are reduced from £ 159,98 to £ 89,98 and the shipping is free!

Save big on holiday deals

Submitted by el on Wed, 12/07/2011

Have you not bought all gifts for your family and friends, yet? Teufel has the solution for you: Teufel set great new systems to their sale page. Take a look and see which soundtastic system you want. You can save up to GBP 150.- and more!

There also is an Advent Calendar Raffle now for the year. You have the chance to win a new product every day! Just visit the Calendar and click on the next door for your chance to win the great systems.

Free Shipping for new Teufel systems

Submitted by el on Sat, 10/22/2011

If you're considering a new sound system for your home this fall season you are very lucky:
Teufel recently released a few new systems with PC, Home Cinema, Stereo or even iPod or iPhone compatibility. If you buy one of those new products in the next days, the shipping will be free! Of course it's limited until the new Teufel loudspeaker systems run out of stock.

December sales deal for stereo speaker systems at

Submitted by el on Tue, 12/07/2010

Some stereo loudspeaker systems are reduced or you can get an advantage buying them. So e.g. the Teufel "Ultima 60", stereo loudspeaker system, which has a capacity of 160 watt and costs £ 348 includes some useful cables now and the shipping is free. You save £ 50,80!

Teufel products starting at £ 10,-

Submitted by el on Sun, 11/28/2010

There is a christmas event at Teufel, so that many products are reduced. For example you can buy the headphones "Aureol Groove", which are in-ear headphones with super bass for £ 59 or the "iTeufel Dock v2", which is a device holding hub for awesome iPod playback, for £ 39. The Teufel "Concept E 100 Control", which is a 5.1 PC loudspeakers surround set for Teufel beginners and includes a free cable set, is reduced from £ 258 to £ 219!

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