Teufel Headphones with free shipping

Submitted by pl on Wed, 09/22/2010

Teufel: Headphones are always a brilliant way to enhance your listening experience, so this is your lucky week! We're pleased to present our first in-ear headphones this season, the Aureol® Groove, as well as offering our enclosed foldable Aureol® Massive headphones if the in-ears aren't your thing.

Don't forget that these two quality products are sold with free shipping, so if you haven't bought them yet... why not?

Teufel Aureol Massive AC 9050 PH Headphones Test

Submitted by pl on Thu, 09/09/2010

With the new AC 9050 PH headset Teufel presents a product for the first time, that has not too much to do with its recent product lines. Teufel’s first-ever headphones are designed for HI-FI fans, musicians and DJs. In the following review you can read whether the new product line extension is made for success or not.

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