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Teufel Concept S Column Speakers Test

Submitted by pl on Sun, 09/05/2010

If you’re looking for a home cinema system that has an unbeatable design and an even better audio performance but is still available for a fair price, you should likely read this review. In our opinion the Teufel Concept S is one of the most elegant speaker systems on the market. For only £ 399.00 you can get an audio system for rooms up to 30m². The loudspeakers have a high of 1.13 metres and do take a floor area of 22 x 22 cm. The main material of the speakers is aluminium; anyhow they are available now in black, too.

Teufel Motiv 5 Test

Submitted by pl on Sat, 09/04/2010

Teufel Motiv 5 is a home cinema system with a huge subwoofer and five identical satellite boxes in an upscale category. To get the customer satisfied Teufel added four foots for the subwoofer, 20 rubbers foots for the satellites, five u-profiles to mount the speakers to wall holders and a detailed manual.

Teufel Concept E 400 Test

Submitted by pl on Sun, 08/29/2010

In June 2009 Teufel announced two new model ranges of speakers for both PC’s and Mac’s: the Concept C and the Concept E series. A total of six speaker-sets came along with a new „Decoderstation 5“. The new series is not only stylish but also offers great value for money. With the new Concept C and Concept E series you are able to choose the size and the style you like, so that your new speakers fit best for your need, taste or preference. In this article we have reviewed the top model Teufel Concept E 400 5.1 sound system, to find out, what you can expect from that high-end speakers.

Price slashed by over £500 on Teufel’s Theatre 8 THX Ultra 2

Submitted by pl on Thu, 08/06/2009

Teufel, Europe’s leading direct seller of loudspeaker systems has announced the reduction in price on one of their most popular THX home cinema complete sets, the Theatre 8 THX Ultra 2. Reduced from £2,350 to an amazing £1,835 this is an amazing price for a THX system. This beauty of a set comes in three stylish colours black, beech and walnut - so you can find the perfect match for your living room.

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