Teufel Aureol Melody In-Ear-Headphones Test

Submitted by el on Sun, 11/27/2011

There are thousands of In-Ear-Headphones. There are some in any color, there are some with good or with bad sound, there are some comfortable and some uncomfortable ones. Well, the producer Teufel launched new In-Ear-Headphones some weeks ago.

Teufel Aureol Massive AC 9050 PH Headphones Test

Submitted by pl on Thu, 09/09/2010

With the new AC 9050 PH headset Teufel presents a product for the first time, that has not too much to do with its recent product lines. Teufel’s first-ever headphones are designed for HI-FI fans, musicians and DJs. In the following review you can read whether the new product line extension is made for success or not.

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